Giles MacDonald Lettering
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Individually designed, hand carved lettering and inscriptions.

About Giles Macdonald

Plaques, tablets, memorials, headstones and architectural lettering by Giles Macdonald

Hand carved lettering – plaques, tablets, memorials, headstones and architectural lettering – these are some of the objects that the workshop makes. Beautiful inscriptions, thoughtfully made, using the best materials.


I carve slate, stone and wood. I design lettering for metal, glass and other materials too. At its heart letter carving in stone is a craft-based process founded on careful, sensitive design.

Good lettering helps shape our environment for the better. Inscriptions are uplifting – whether a plaque to mark the opening of a new building, or a headstone or gravestone to celebrate the life of a loved one. Individual letters are mini sculptures. Well-made hand-carved inscriptions are full of interest and liveliness.

Over the years I’ve designed and made lettering for individuals, organisations, churches, colleges and institutions throughout the UK – from simple hard-carved plaques to public art installations and architectural lettering carved in situ.

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If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Email the workshop on or call 01295 277554