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A carved mulberry tree in stone

Woodstock stone plaques – an historic town trail

Woodstock is an ancient and beautiful town crammed full of buildings of historic interest. With lots of visitors too the Town Council approached the workshop to carve a series of plaques that would highlight some of the stories and places of interest around the town.

Each of the 10 plaques were individually designed with a mixture of carving and lettering. Although they share a family likeness, because the tablets are spread throughout the town each one could be treated differently. Portland limestone was chosen as a gentle contrast to the local building stone. The size, shape and scale of each plaque was designed with careful consideration of the building or space to which it was attached.

Here’s a guide to the town trail – Historic Woodstock Town plaques


Giles Macdonald

Giles MacDonald designs and makes lettering for memorials and buildings; for inscriptions to commemorate events; for plaques, tablets, headstones and public art.

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