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Lettering Exhibition at the Snape Proms

The Lettering Arts Trust (LCAT) is a fantastic organisation based in Suffolk that promotes excellence in lettering. For many years I’ve worked with their sister organisation Memorials by Artists who put people in touch with some of the best letter carvers around today.

Earlier this year LCAT asked me to curate a summer exhibition at Snape. Based in the beautiful Snape Maltings, the home of  Aldeburgh Music, LCAT had been invited to show the work of their artists throughout the August Proms – a month long celebration of music that attracts more than 9000 visitors.

Hanging took place over 3 days and the selling exhibition includes 35 works by more than 20 different makers. It covers a whole range of contemporary lettering with works on paper, woodprints, carved wood, slate, and stone and cast bronze and rusting steel. We produced a catalogue too, which can be ordered from The Lettering Arts Trust.

The exhibition in the Concert Hall Gallery runs until Sunday 28th August 2016. It’s open from 2pm until the end of each evening performance.

exhibition at Snape Proms

Giles Macdonald

Giles MacDonald designs and makes lettering for memorials and buildings; for inscriptions to commemorate events; for plaques, tablets, headstones and public art.

If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Email the workshop on or call 01295 277554