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Marble fragment with carved lettering

Marble fragments, Church of San Clemente, Rome

On a recent trip to Rome we stumbled across this fantastic collection of carved fragments of lettering.

Apparently San Clemente has its origins in a 4th-century church, built on the site of a republican warehouse destroyed by Nero’s fire. In the 1st century it was the home of a Roman nobleman and the site of secret Christian worship.  Later the pagans had an underground temple there too.

The cool, dark interior of the church is crammed with mosaics, frescos and marble. Outside, the cloister walls are studded with unexplained fragments of inscriptions. We loved their freedom and liveliness.

The entrance to San Clemente

Marble fragments on the wall of San Clemente

A marble fragment with lettering




Giles Macdonald

Giles MacDonald designs and makes lettering for memorials and buildings; for inscriptions to commemorate events; for plaques, tablets, headstones and public art.

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