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Love: oak board and lettering

Inspired by the Word: Jane Austen and Winchester Cathedral

I love taking part in exhibitions. They’re a great way of making new connections and exploring new ideas and materials. Recently we’ve been looking at painted inscriptions on different surfaces – this one is an oak board about 6’ tall. It was lovely to be invited to exhibit at Winchester Cathedral as part of their celebrations marking Jane Austen’s anniversary. Winchester is a gem of a cathedral with some great inscriptions and the wonderful lettering of Michael Renton, an astonishing carver and engraver who became the Cathedral’s sign-maker.

Michael Renton's unmistakeable lettering for Winchester Cathedral

Micheal Renton’s unmistakable lettering for Winchester Cathedral

The exhibition Inspired by the Word is organised by the superb Garden Gallery. It runs until 30 September 2017.


Giles Macdonald

Giles MacDonald designs and makes lettering for memorials and buildings; for inscriptions to commemorate events; for plaques, tablets, headstones and public art.

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