Giles MacDonald Lettering
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Architectural lettering

Carefully designed architectural lettering for buildings and spaces.

Architectural lettering – or lettering on buildings – is one of the specialities of the workshop. Architectural lettering can be used for different reasons: to name a building or place; as donor recognition or as public art and sculpture.

The workshop offers many different options. Letters can be carved on site directly into the wall of a building. They can be manufactured and applied – using stainless steel, acrylic, ply or bronze for example. The building can be historically sensitive or a new-build only weeks from completion. In each case we take great care to design an inscription that is sensitive to and enhances the building or space and its materials and design. Great architectural lettering adds to our sense of place and becomes a way of helping people to navigate their environment. Even the shortest inscription can be an attractive highlight.

A hand carved brick public art project

As part of the design process the workshop offers all the necessary drawings and samples to help smooth the decision-making process.

Everything made by the workshop is bespoke, and designed especially. If you’d like to discuss a possible project involving architectural lettering we’d love to hear from you. Consultations are free of charge and studio visits are always welcomed.

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If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Email the workshop on or call 01295 277554