Giles MacDonald Lettering
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Specially designed hand carved lettering and inscriptions.

The workshop is foremost a lettercarving studio. Inscriptions and carvings are designed and made for many different occasions. Just two examples – lettering can be carved into paving or etched and enamelled as brass labels to be attached to furniture or objects.


In each case the secret for a successful inscription is a careful consideration of the text – its arrangement and treatment, and the letterform used. Thoughtfully designed inscriptions have a texture and interest that make them visually attractive. As well as designed to be read they become objects or carvings that add to the specialness of a place.

As a studio our design ethos is to

create visually attractive lettering

that’s thoughtfully made

using the best materials

with great design that’s simple, unfussy, elegant

and is sensitive to location (in scale, materials and appearance).

Everything made by the workshop is bespoke, and designed especially. If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Consultations are free of charge and studio visits are always welcomed.

Get in touch with Giles

If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Email the workshop on or call 01295 277554