Giles MacDonald Lettering
01295 277554

The Workshop


A letter carving studio in Oxfordshire

The workshop is based in Cropredy in north Oxfordshire. Established in 2001 it offers a wealth of experience. Visitors are always welcome to see work in progress or to discuss a possible project. Phone or email in advance and we can make a date.


Our design ethos is

to create visually attractive lettering

that’s thoughtfully made

using the best materials

with great design that’s simple, unfussy, elegant

and is sensitive to location (in scale, materials and appearance).

Every inscription begins with a drawing or sketch on paper. This is where much of the initial thinking and designing is done. Paper is a great place to capture thoughts, share ideas and explore the possibilities of each commission. The stone or slate is hand carved with a hammer (called a dummy) and chisel. Whatever the method and material used, the aim is always the same – a beautiful lettering, thoughtfully made, using the best materials.

To find out more about the workshop, its inspirations and current interests follow on Facebook or Twitter.


Contact the workshop

If you’d like to discuss a possible lettering project we’d love to hear from you. Email the workshop on or call 01295 277554